Welcome to Läkarmissionen-USA

Läkarmissionen-USA’s operation is built on a foundation of Christian values. Our guiding principles are the equality of all people, respect for the individual’s inherent dignity, common sense and ability and every human being’s right to life and sustainable development.


Läkarmisionen-USA, Inc.

Former known as Nordic Relief Alliance is a Non Denominational 501 (c)(3) Christian Non Profit Organization registered in the State of Florida on March 2002, focused to support and develop non formal education, mainly Literacy, Basic Education, Preschool, Vocational Training, Prevention of HIV-Aids, Saving Groups, Microcredit, Citizenship, Childrens Homes in Developing Countries.

We shall fight poverty from a rights perspective and contribute to sustainable development within our prioritized areas.  We shall also, through the provision of information, encourage others to adopt the vision of Läkarmisionen-USA.
We shall, through development and effective methods, support the desire and ability of vulnerable people to change their living conditions.

Läkarmissionen-USA, Inc. works in close relationship and coordination with the Swedish Foundation Läkarmissionen and in partnership with local organizations in eleven countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.